[Lazarus] Component editors and related

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Wed Apr 25 19:56:52 CEST 2018

Hi all,

currently I am porting those JVCL components which look interesting to 
but at the moment I am stuck with the component editor of the 
TJvOutlookBar. This is some kind of two-level vertical menu. The top 
level is a list of TJvOutlookBarPage items, and each page has a list of 
TJvOutlookbarButton items as second level. Both lists inherit from 
TCollection. My problem is that in the component tree of the object 
inspector I see only the page items, but not the button "sub-items". See 
attached screen shot of Lazarus and the Delphi version for comparison. 
How can I make the button subnodes appear in the component tree?

Another problem: The component comes with a ComponentEditor for the 
entire class, which looks similar to that of a TCollection, but contains 
a treeview to display the page-button relationships. After some 
twiddling around I was able to make this work in Lazarus, i.e. when I 
add nodes to the tree in the component editor the corresponding buttons 
or pages are added to the control on the form designer; and when I 
navigate in the component editor's tree the selected object follows in 
the component tree and in the object inspector. But the opposite 
direction does not work:  When I add a page or button in the object 
inspector (by using the Pages and Buttons collection property editors) 
the tree in the component editor is not updated. How can I do this?

Any hints greatly appreciated.

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