[Lazarus] Wrong error message in "Liste der überwachten Ausdrücke"

Joe Special at Joepgen.com
Wed Aug 1 10:05:34 CEST 2018

"Liste der überwachten Ausdrücke" shows the wrong error message
"<Error: Type TSTRINGLIST has no component named COUNT.>"

OS: Win 10 (64), Lazarus 1.8.4, SVN Revision 57972.
Steps to reproduce:
Insert this in an unit and let your program call it.

procedure TForm1.TestProcedure;
var Liste: TStringList;
   Liste:= TStringList.Create;

Set a breakpoint at "Liste.Add('Eins')" and insert "Liste.count" into 
the "Liste der überwachten Ausdrücke" (Strg+Alt+W).
Run the program. It stops at the breakpoint and the Liste der 
überwachten Ausdrücke shows this wrong error message.

Regards --  Joe
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