[Lazarus] Fixes and trunk on 64bit Linux misses libraries

Péter Gábor ptrg at freemail.hu
Sun Aug 12 11:40:21 CEST 2018

Hello again!

The problem was my mistake.

2018-08-09 19:47 keltezéssel, Péter Gábor írta:
> - What is the cause of this issue?
There was a bug in my mass compilation script.
After each compilation there was a checking for correct 32bit binaries
except the fixes version of Lazarus.
If the binary was not what it was looking for then the script copied the
saved 32bit binaries back in their place, except one (that was what
worked well).
> - How to fix it?
The checking command was written originally for some testing, but
remained there...
I must be more careful in the future.

Péter Gábor
ptrg at freemail.hu

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