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> On Tue, 4 Dec 2018, silvioprog via lazarus wrote:
> > Awesome news! Thanks for this incredible work. ☺
> >
> > Can we use it for online tests to report bugs via Mantis? (something like
> > JSFiddle)
> An interesting concept, I like it.
> This is something we can and should indeed think about.

Some ideias:

1. a clean highlighted source editor allowing:
  1.1 to link the CDN of the common JS/CSS libraries (jQuery.js, Vue.js,
Bootstrap, Modernizr...);
  1.2 to save the code and share its link (shortened?);
  1.3 to download the generated codes/logs (compressed?);
  1.4 code hinting (like Lazarus' identifier completion. This feature was
recently added to JSFiddle);
  1.5 code minify and/or uglify
(allowing to copy the single generated line).
2. an easy-to-remember link:
  2.1 a long link idea:
(ex: https://pas2js.freepascal.org/michael/Q8KVC)
  2.2 a short link (*very* optional, but useful 🙂)
3. extra:
  3.1 allows the user to manage codes (something like https://pastebin.com);
  3.2 allows reviews/corrections from other users (something like a fork +

Just some naive ideas and maybe hard to be implemented, but useful. 😅

Silvio Clécio
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