[Lazarus] 2 small designer improvements ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Dec 14 12:56:25 CET 2018


Recently, I had the occasion to use the following drawing tool quite a lot:


It has a nifty feature which I think could be implemented in lazarus as

Dropping a widget on another one, replaces the widget with the new one.
It takes over whatever properties can be taken over.

Obviously, you don't want this all the time, more often than not you simply
want to drop a new control on another so in Lazarus this should be done using
some modifier key (ALT ?).

Now, I know there is already the 'change class' functionality, so the request 
is simply to implement that functionality in a more drag & drop friendly way. 
You know the component, you know the replacement component class - and the rest
should already be there.

I think that the name/caption of a component should be changeable in-place 
by simply  starting to type when the component is selected. 
(in the above tool, you set the text property of whatever widget is selected)

This is something Morfik Appsbuilder already had 10 years ago, and which
makes life more easy.
And yes, I am aware of the setting 'ask name on create', but this is not
quite it...

Just 2 ideas.


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