[Lazarus] Crowdfunding to speed up the development of pas2js in Lazarus Widgetset and fpDebug to FPC

Marco van de Voort fpc at pascalprogramming.org
Sat Dec 22 13:02:29 CET 2018

Op 2018-12-21 om 21:59 schreef Travis Ayres via lazarus:
> When this issue cropped up on the mailing list, I went and reviewed 
> the archive. You link to Michael finally "snapping", and even then he 
> wasn't rude or out of place at all; I agree with Michael that the 
> emails in the archives speak for themselves.
> Michael seems extremely patient and completely professional - traits 
> that I find productive in any environment. He's given you multiple 
> chances to drop it, and even offered to welcome you back if you 
> changed your communication methods. You're clearly extremely talented 
> - which is absolutely useless without the soft skills to get your 
> changes considered effectively.

Most importantly, Michael's conduct was discussed and held up by Core. 
Several other members stated that Maciej was hard and draining to work 
with, and saw no other way then postponing his privileges for the moment.

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