[Lazarus] Hi-dpi cursors in app?

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 14:11:22 CET 2018

El 03/02/2018 a las 10:37, AlexeyT via Lazarus escribió:
>  >But I assume you have to create several .cur files (one file for every 
> resolution you want to support)
> I don't know how to make .cur file for bigger DPI. It is bitmap with big 
> size? it will paint same way too.


Not tested but it could be a solution for your problem (windows):


Quoted from a page:

"Windows 8 automatically changes the size of mouse pointers (cursors) 
depending on DPI settings of display. The relations between DPI and the 
size of cursors are roughly as follows:

         100% : 32×32 pixel
         150% : 48×48 pixel
         200% : 64×64 pixel

This is done by the OS’s selecting one image from multiple images of 
different sizes contained in a cursor file."


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