[Lazarus] ppu's in wrong directory.

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Feb 7 02:25:09 CET 2018

On Tue, 6 Feb 2018 18:14:32 -0500
Donald Ziesig via Lazarus <lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:

> I made one change to db.pas (changed a private to protected) and 
> re-compiled it

You must recompile all depending units as well. I recommend to
rebuild the whole fpc.

> and the IDE and my code.  After doing this, I am getting 
> many errors of the type:
> "bufdataset_parser.pp(13,3) Fatal: Cannot find dbf_prscore used by 
> bufdataset_parser. Make sure all ppu files of a package are in its 
> output directory. ppu in wrong 
> directory=/home/donz/Desktop/Lazarus/fpc/units/x86_64-linux/fcl-db/dbf_prscore.ppu.."
> This is just one of many with the same theme (ppu in wrong directory).

Check that the right fpc.cfg is used and it contains the paths to your
private fpc installation, and not the paths to the normal fpc
For example check in Lazarus  View / IDE Internals / About FPC,
CfgFilename and UnitPaths.


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