[Lazarus] Form events firing order and count

Gabor Boros mlnglsts at bgss.hu
Sun Feb 25 09:03:13 CET 2018

2018. 02. 18. 13:51 keltezéssel, José Mejuto via Lazarus írta:
> I was talking about LCL-fpGUI with reation to other LCL based platforms. 
> As I do not have a Delphi to verify I'm trying to mimic the win32 
> platform (easy for me).
> Anyway I'm not fixing event orders now, there are a lot fo things to do 
> before ;-)

For me the good order is the real order independently from the other 
widgetsets. For example at form maximize, the form moved to 0,0 
coordinates then it's size increased. At form restore, form's size 
decreased then moved to the correct place. So at maximize the order is 
moved, resized, statechanged and at restore resized, statechanged, moved.

Is the development process of LCL-fpGUI public or viewable just when 
committed into Lazarus trunk?


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