[Lazarus] Rebuilding IDE Gtk/Qt

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Tue Jan 2 18:08:18 CET 2018

On 02.01.2018 16:01, Vojtěch Čihák via Lazarus wrote:
> Hi,
> I sometimes experienced that IDE does not follow the value in combobox in Tools -> Configure "Build Lazarus". Setting Qt is ignored and IDE rebuilds to GTk. But when I change the value in Project Options -> Additions and Overrides -> LCL Widget Type and then I rebuild IDE, it rebuilds to correct widgetset.
> However, it is not reproducible always, so I'd like to ask if someone experienced this too.
> Note that it is not new, it was there before 1.8.

I can confirm that. Don't know how to reproduce - it just happens 
sometimes especially if current project ws is eg gtk2. Laz rebuild looks 
into project ws, not one mentioned in laz build dialog.
Similar problem perists with build many modes. I've spotted that max 2 
months ago ... eg I'm using linux 64bit qtlcl for my builds , all builds 
are qt based (win32, linux32,linux64) and for win32 & linux32 cpu = 
i386, for win32 os = win32, for linux32 and linux64 it's "Default", but 
sometimes when I rebuild all modes, after win32 is finished (note that 
win32 OS = win32, not "Default"), it tries to build next one as win32 OS 
- eg linux 64bit, and stops since I don't have win64 compiler ...do OS 
target isn't updated.


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