[Lazarus] Linux: howto define file *.lpi to be opened with lazarus?

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 22:46:32 CET 2018

On 15/01/18 17:30, John Landmesser via Lazarus wrote:
> I'm on Linux-Mint Cinnamon and i want to associate *.lpi with lazarus 
> Application:
> *.lpi is of Filetype XML, but we need the fileExtension *.lpi here!!
> found:
> lazarus.desktop
> copied:
>   cp '/home/john1/lazarus/install/lazarus.desktop' /usr/share/applications/
> and
> lazarus-mime.xml
> copied:
>   cp '/home/john1/lazarus/install/lazarus-mime.xml' 
> '/usr/share/mime/application/'
> Content of these two files seems to define for what i'm looking for, but 
> reboot wasn't enough.
> What i'm missing to get the filetypes/extension-Database updated?
> Tipps are welcome!!

Possibly one of the xdg-* programs... a bit of Googling suggests xdg-mime

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