[Lazarus] Editor Macros looses key shortcuts

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Jan 15 23:17:41 CET 2018

On 15/01/2018 22:01, Vojtěch Čihák via Lazarus wrote:
> Hi,
> it happened me already twice (yesterday and ~month ago) that Editor 
> Macros lost key shortcuts. All macros remains in EditorMacros.xml but 
> without any key shortcut info, i.e. there are no <KeyA Key1="77" 
> Shift1="1" Key2="79"/> nodes.

One possibility: Did you ever get the message (at startup of the IDE)  
that the editormacro selftest failed? You then have to enable it again 
from the Tools > Options.

In that case macros become temp disabled, and yes they loose their keys 
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