[Lazarus] Sharing translations between Lazarus and Delphi versions of the same project

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Fri Jan 26 12:05:38 CET 2018

Am 26.01.2018 um 11:33 schrieb Maxim Ganetsky via Lazarus:
> 26.01.2018 12:54, Werner Pamler via Lazarus пишет:
> Maybe you can use adapted copies of translations.pas unit (from
> LazUtils) and lcltranslator.pas unit (from LCL). They will need to be
> ported for Delphi, though.

Hmm... A lot of work for just a demo. No other way? Can't gnugettext be 
configured to use the Lazarus structure?

>> BTW: Working with the i18n options again I noticed that there are now
>> two boxes "Excluded" > "Identifiers", "Originals" in the i18n project
>> options. What can be put in there? Which effect does it have? Does it
>> solve the issue that the same strings enter the po files again and again?
> PO file consists of entries. Each entry consists of (at least)
> identifier name, original string value and translated string value. By
> default IDE collects all captions from components on form. If you use
> resource strings for translation at the same time you may want in some
> cases to filter some strings.
> For example, you have a form with caption 'Form1' and with some labels
> in it. Then you translate this caption via resource string and all
> labels by IDE means. In this case you will have in PO file 'Form1' entry
> and entry for resource string which effectively replaces it. Obviously
> you don't want to burden translators with 'Form1' entry. That is where
> the filters are useful.

Thanks for the explanation. It motivated me to play with these two 
boxes: If I don't want to  have the auto-generated entry 'Form1' to be 
in the po file I must enter this string in the box "Originals". 
Alternatively I can use the identifier of the caption in the box 
"identifiers" - it must be entered in the po syntax: "tform1.caption", 
or "tform1.button1.caption" for a button named TButton. What was 
confusing me is that the ignored entries remain in the master po and 
translated po files after these modifications. Only after "Clean up and 
Build" they do disappear. This, however, takes a long time because all 
required units are recompiled. Wouldn't it be better to have a menu 
command "Clean po file" which just rebuilds the rsj and po files?

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