[Lazarus] LCL hide main menu

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 19:20:48 CET 2018


I'm in the process of updating LCL-fpGUI widgetset and I found a problem 
that I was unable to solve:

There is a main menu with one item, when I set Visible:=false for this 
item the whole menu is hidden (tested using Win32 widgetset) and the 
components in the form are "automagically" moved up to the space left by 
the hidden menu bar.

In fpGUI widgetset the menu bar is hidden also but I was unable to 
instruct LCL to reposition all visual objects unless I send a SIZE 
message to the LCL, but, if I send this message further autosize is 
ignored as it only works if the message is sent as coming from the user 

Of course I tested with the Form.InvalidateClientRectCache but nothing 
happens until I sent the SIZE message.

Can somebody enlight me ?


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