[Lazarus] fpdebug question

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Fri Jul 13 17:36:20 CEST 2018

Thank you very much! :-)
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> Datum: 13.07.2018 17:20
> Předmět: Re: [Lazarus] fpdebug question
On 13/07/2018 16:01, Vojtěch Čihák via Lazarus wrote:Hi,
when I write following code (to force SIGSEGV)
 with fpdebug: also exception message box, when I click OK then Lazarus Main window dissapears, Access Violation, and I have to restart whole IDE.
Is it known issue? After all fpdebug is still marked "beta".
It was not.
 It has been, since your mail.
 It no longer is. (That is, it should be fixed in svn now)
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