[Lazarus] Crosscompile to Android on arm?

Paul Breneman list2010 at BrenemanLabs.com
Wed Jul 25 19:07:10 CEST 2018

On 07/25/2018 12:47 PM, Bo Berglund via Lazarus wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2018 11:47:06 -0400, Paul Breneman via Lazarus
> <lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
>> On 6/11/18 I wrote a message on this forum to you about a security
>> dongle I need to use in Lazarus.  I'll trade some work for that code!
> Since I could not make use of the OBJ file for the Sentinel Superpro
> dongle I started looking for dongle replacements and I got a sample
> from Keylok (a Keylok3 dongle) that has similar capabilities.
> Its main attraction is that it does not use a driver installed in the
> operating system, they say it is "driver-less".
> But instead they provide a dll to interface with the dongle via the
> operating system standard USB communications. As an alternative they
> also have OBJ library file solution which means that the interface
> will be included in ones own exe file, no dll needed. However they did
> not have an OBJ file for even Delphi7 for Keylok3...
> And an OBJ is probably dev IDE dependent too, so the dll is the only
> way to go if one needs FPC.
> I have tested it with Delphi7 (as a compatibility check, I expect my
> code to also run on Lazarus/Fpc) and it is simple enough to get going
> on Windows.
> But I put it on hold for the summer vacations...
> My project for the IoT stuff is private using ESP8266 based WiFi
> boards to monitor and report here and there around my home...
> So this is something I do now and then even in this temperature...

Thanks for *all* of that info Bo.  My favorite time in Sweden (in 1992) 
I visited the Vasa. Maybe if I visit again we can meet up?

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