[Lazarus] Lazarus Digest, Vol 121, Issue 49

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Mon Mar 5 13:19:55 CET 2018

Il 01/03/2018 23:44, Chavoux Luyt via Lazarus ha scritto:
> I suppose there is some kind of magic involved that makes it work when 
> recompiling the IDE with the new packages, but I would like to 
> understand what.

The magic is performed by Lazarus IDE, and by startlazarus.

If Lazarus IDE detects that your installation directory is read-only, 
when recompiling it will put the new Lazarus copy in your home directory 

When you launch Lazarus via startlazarus, it will check if your home 
directory holds a Lazarus newer than the one in installation directory. 
If such is the case it will launch your personal copy.

If you happen to update Lazarus, then the system copy in /usr/lib will 
be newer than your personal copy. In that case startlazarus will ask you 
which one you want to start. If you choose to launch the newly installed 
copy, the IDE will detect that your additional packages are missing and 
will add them to the list of required packages. Recompiling the IDE will 
add those packages and create a new personal copy, which now becomes 
newer than the system one, and you are properly set.


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