[Lazarus] Object inspector bug - exception

Rik van Kekem rik at graficalc.nl
Thu Mar 8 21:05:27 CET 2018

On 06/03/18 17:12, Rik van Kekem via Lazarus wrote:
>  > Can someone file a bugreport please.
>  > I am unable to do so ATM.
> Done.
> https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=33344
The exception is fixed in trunk.

But I was under the impression that using TAB in the Component-filter in 
Object Inspector would set the focus on the TreeView with the 
components. It doesn't. I never use it but apparently it sets the focus 
directly on the Property view.

Is this the proper behavior (it was always this way) or is it supposed 
to go to the treeview?

Again, I never use the keyboard there so maybe it's supposed to be that 
way. In Delphi you can "Tab" into the Component Treeview but it hasn't a 


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