[Lazarus] Call context menu in my component

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Sat Mar 10 16:56:27 CET 2018

DoContextMenu(...) cannot work, this method only manages OnContextPopup event.
Perform(LM_CONTEXTMENU, 0, 0) (or SendMessage or PostMessage) works here (Qt). Handle must have assigned PopupMenu and it needs correct parameters, not just (...,0, 0) which shows Popmenu in the top-left screen corner here.
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> Předmět: [Lazarus] Call context menu in my component
Hi. I try to call context menu inside ATSynEdit:
 - DoContextMenu(...)- does nothing
 - Perform(LM_CONTEXTMENU, 0, 0)- does nothing
 - WMContextMenu() must work but I need TMessage param for it, how to get it?
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