[Lazarus] Special Request: Theme entire IDE support

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Tue Mar 13 20:25:04 CET 2018

On 2018-03-13 01:53, Anthony Walter wrote:
> What's the compatibility level of your controls with LCL controls code 
> wise?

fpGUI's controls can not be mixed with LCL controls. But the LCL-fpGUI 
implements a bridge between the two, making fpGUI controls behave like 
LCL developers are used to.

> Also, what graphics API are you using for different platforms? For 
> example have you implemented a common advanced graphics API bridging

Both. fpGUI v1.4.1 talks directly to the underlying OS platform's 
graphics API. That's Xlib for X11 based systems, GDI for Windows/WinCE 
etc. You as a developer don't need to worry about the differences, 
simply code using the TfpgCanvas class and the framework takes care of 
the rest. This also means fpGUI applications run pretty much everywhere 
without needing installations or megabytes of 3rd party libraries and 
DLL's (eg: Qt, GTK libraries are huge).

The "develop" branch of fpGUI does the same as before, but also has a 
new option... AggPas, which will become the default canvas and 2D 
rendering API. It is 100% platform independent, because it is 100% 
implemented in Object Pascal. And as I already mentioned in my other 
reply, it does anti-alias sub-pixel rendering as standard. It also has 
the ability to read TTF font files directly and thus incorporate high 
quality text rendering in the output too.


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