[Lazarus] Beep?

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Mon Mar 26 04:02:14 CEST 2018

Hi Everyone!

I am using Lazarus 1.8 on Linux Mint.  I would like to use the 
Windows.Beep( Freq, Duration) function, or (if not available) 
SysUtils.Beep subprograms.

Simplest problem.  SysUtils.Beep compiles and links but is silent.

Slightly more difficult (according to StackOverflow)

I should be able to insert (manually) Windows in the uses clause, then 
call the windows.beep( f, d) function, but fcp can't find Windows even 
though there are several windows.pp files in the fpcscr directories.

Failing that, the article says:


should work, but it causes a linker error after compilation.  I don't 
have lernel32.dll on my Linux system.

A long time ago, I used the Windows.Beep (on windows) to produce Morse 
Code error messages while debugging visual components.  I would like to 
do that now if possible, but on Linux.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Don Ziesig

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