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Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 06:22:46 CEST 2018

Hey guys. I wrote this web tool a while ago which emulates a desktop
application in a few ways and wanted some feedback.


login: tester
password: funkytown

The tool is a private cloud file server application. People will be able to
get the source and configure it on their web server so that they can
backup/share/transfer files to themselves or among friend. The admin
account can manage users, their rights, and storage limits.

What I've tried to do with this app is emulate a desktop application a bit,
which might be similar to a desktop app written with Lazarus.


You can drag and drop files or click to browse for uploads. Large uploads
can be resumed if you close the page before the upload completes. Uploads
can be paused and resumed.

The selection in file list can be navigated with up down and page up down
arrow keys. Shift multi selects both with the mouse and keyboard. Control
can toggle select on individual items.

Some files including video and audio can be viewed. It has code for http
stream allowing seeking to positions in large video files without the need
to download. Multi select can be used to create play lists. If you select a
group of songs, then open the song and play it will continue playing the
next song when the current song is done.

Enter selects items/ Function keys F2 renames inline, F3 search filters, F4
gives the option to turn sharing on/off (works with multiselect). File
columns can be sorted.

The front end code was written using my own typescript library.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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