[Lazarus] Cross-compile console program to Linux (Ubuntu)?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:12:35 CEST 2018

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 21:09:56 +0200, Bo Berglund via Lazarus
<lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:

>I have a console program for Windows, which was developed using
>Delphi2007 and Indy10.

Now trying to compile the old Delphi sources in FPC/Lazarus and it
stops in a common file on this type of construct:

  {$IF CompilerVersion >= 26} {Delphi XE5..}
    Fmt := TFormatSettings.Create;

The error message is:
IniFileFuncs.pas(55,7) Error: Incompatible types: got "AnsiString"
expected "Int64"
IniFileFuncs.pas(55,7) Error: Compile time expression: Wanted Boolean
but got <erroneous type> at IF or ELSEIF

I guess this might be a FPC difference to Delphi...
How can I make FPC understand that this is a conditional it shall just

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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