[Lazarus] Exception handling in Linux?

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Fri Oct 26 12:50:34 CEST 2018

El 25/10/18 a las 18:46, Bo Berglund via Lazarus escribió:
> I am working on a port of a Windows Win32 command line program (Delphi
> 2007) to Linux Ubuntu 18.04 64bit.
> I am almost done now and my tests show that the basic functionality
> works as intended.
> But I am not sure about the exception handling at all...
> In my code I have many instances of:
> try
>    some code block
> except
>    on E: Exception do
>    begin
>      LogDebug('Exception in module xxxx: ' + E.Message;
>    end
> end;
> Now when testing I have experienced that Lazarus trows up an exception
> dialog when code inside such a construct is running (it typically
> comes from some Indy10 operation). When I hit Continue I expect the
> code to run the except block but it does not.
> There are no log messages concerning the exception....
> So I wonder if this is a difference between Windows and Linux or some
> missing configuration setting on my part?
Do you get that exception dialog when you run the executable out of the 
IDE environment?

I mean, maybe the exception is handled inside indy10, so it is not 
propagated to the level of your except block. My theory is that the 
exception dialog is raised by Lazarus environment whenever an exception 
is raised, handled or not, and if you click "continue", then Indy10 
handles it.


Santiago A.

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