[Lazarus] IDE options - Colors need new layout

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Sep 2 01:43:59 CEST 2018

On 01/09/2018 23:34, AlexeyT via Lazarus wrote:
> Editor- Display- Colors. with Synedit area.
Not that easily done....
> why bad? bottom part with 4 checkbuttons is nasty.

> how to redo?
> a) split "Priorities" controls (4 big listboxes with SpinEdits) to new 
> sub-tab, under Colors.
The point is that if you change priorities, this usually happens 
together with changing colors.
E.g, if I set something to a higher prior and enable alpha (so lower 
prior can still be seen), then I would want to do that in one move.

Also If I set a color, that was previously unset (eg add a frame color 
to "current line", then I need to set the prior at that time (in fact 
enabling the color will add it into the prior list).

If this goes into a separate tab, then this becomes much more work. 
Currently selections in the prior boxes are synced with selection in the 
tree, which helps, that would be lost if it went to 2 tabs.

Also in a separate tab, you would still want the preview edit for 
priorities too. You might save the element tree, though it may be 
helpful to have it for priorities too. Then the separate page's only 
diff is the absence of 2 toolbuttons.
(priorities also exist in local and global)

> b) split "Colors" part too? not sure. I don't see logic in this page.
Not sure what you mean.
But yes, the help needs updating 
and F1 should get you to this page, instead of the general opitons.

> c) replace 1st two checkbuttons to 2 radio buttons. (use global 
> settings/ use local settings).
I am not sure, that might take more space. (vertical).

And anyway, this may work for the "use" part, but to me seems odd to the 
"edit" part.
Eg choosing "global" means the color for an element will be taken from 
the global default. But you also changed will edit the global default 
(affecting colors for all languages that can be highlighted).

The other option here would be, that if (maybe with radio btn) you 
choose global, then you can not directly edit the colors (because on the 
very top, you selected pascal, but if you use global instead of pascal, 
then you need to select global at the very top, instead of pascal) But 
this less convenient. (even though it makes it clearer what colors you 
are editing)

Another options would be real tabs (needing 2 pairs of them). Again that 
takes a lot more space, and other elements (preview / tree) need to shrink.

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