[Lazarus] Package -> New Component ...

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Fri Sep 28 11:31:31 CEST 2018

Am 28.09.2018 um 09:07 schrieb Juha Manninen via Lazarus:
> One more issue: Are the labels 'Icon 24x24:', 'Icon 36x36:' and 'Icon
> 48x48:' good or should they mention the percentages 150% and 200%?

I'd keep it like this. 48x48 is clear to everybody, 200% maybe not. And 
it also makes clear that the standard palette icon size is 24x24, not 

Playing with the "New component" dialog a bit more I noticed that it is 
possible to select a 32x32 image although the 24x24 button has been 
pressed. My first thoughts were: Shouldn't the routine check for the 
image size? But maybe this is intentional - I don't even know how the 
component palette behaves when it gets a component with a non-standard 
sized icon.

I don't know if this already happens, but the dialog should try to load 
the image and see if the file is not defective - otherwise the user 
might see unexpected errors after installation of the new component.

Another idea: the dialog should use the path to the previously selected 
image as InitialDirectory of the FileDialog because images of different 
sizes are usually stored in close vicinity of the folder hierarchy. 
Currently, the dialog switches back to the package directory, and I have 
to navigate to the images again.


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