[Lazarus] alternative to web programming?

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 20:53:06 CET 2019

IMO the best things about creating and using html + css for web
applications is the power of the design. That is, you can easily style the
look of a web application to be practically anything, including dead simple
animations and transforms. So then using a framework where you have to
design the interface by using a non html + css  tool, you end up with
difficult to stylize user interfaces.

That type of toolchain seems very counter productive to me. I've even say
it wastes a lot of time for developers and graphic designers  since adding
elements and changing styles can be tweaked by anyone on your team purely
through built in browser developer tools (F12 on Windows and Linux with
most all browsers). If you're going to be dropping in html or css changes,
your workflow is going to be more difficult if you're fighting fight with
some non html + css layout tools.
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