[Lazarus] alternative to web programming?

Kostas Michalopoulos badsectoracula at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 14:45:41 CET 2019

The idea is interesting, but the implementation not so. All demos are
unusably slow and unless this spawns a VM for each instance, i
wouldn't trust any sort of "FS virtualization" they have to not be
broken - Win32 desktop APIs were not designed for applications to be
isolated from each other. This could make it only usable for
intranets, but even then the performance is so abysmal as to severely
impact any sort of productivity. And honestly, would you want to be
the poor clerk who'd have this sort of crappy responsiveness imposed
on them 8h/day?

There might be some very few uses for this, but i'm certain that there
are also better solutions for those few uses too (and some would be
solved with something like noVNC).

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> There are application that require a „stylish“ GUI for optimum user satisfaction, …. And there are applications that do their thing more or less on their own, requiring human attention only for configuration and service.
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