[Lazarus] using TFPHTTPClient

AFOR aforsprl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 14:38:48 CET 2019

Hi Michael.

Sorry using this method, answering via the group doesn't work actually.
Definitely yes. The same application ran without problems on my laptop, 
where now the applications fails. The only change done on both machines 
is a Windows update. Neither SSL nor other components did change. More 
curious, in my development machine (VM using VirtualBox in a Linux box 
using Windows 10 as well and up to date) continues to run (and compile) 
the application without problems. I'm looking on what possible 
difference exists between my development machine and the two others.
One difference though: in my development machine, OpenSSl (light version 
1.02e x86) has been installed, no SSL libs in the two others.


AFOR Software Engineering
A. Fortuny

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