[Lazarus] using TFPHTTPClient

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Feb 18 15:05:55 CET 2019

On Mon, 18 Feb 2019, AFOR via lazarus wrote:

> Le 18/02/2019 à 14:43, Michael Van Canneyt via lazarus a écrit :
>> On Mon, 18 Feb 2019, AFOR via lazarus wrote:
>>> Hi Michael.
>>> Sorry using this method, answering via the group doesn't work actually.
>>> Definitely yes. The same application ran without problems on my 
>>> laptop, where now the applications fails. The only change done on both 
>>> machines is a Windows update. Neither SSL nor other components did 
>>> change. More curious, in my development machine (VM using VirtualBox 
>>> in a Linux box using Windows 10 as well and up to date) continues to 
>>> run (and compile) the application without problems. I'm looking on 
>>> what possible difference exists between my development machine and the 
>>> two others.
>>> One difference though: in my development machine, OpenSSl (light 
>>> version 1.02e x86) has been installed, no SSL libs in the two others.
>> The application cannot run without SSL libs if you use https, so there 
>> must be openssl libraries somewhere on the production machines ?
>> If the update installed openssl 1.1 libraries, that could be the cause.
>> Michael.
> So you mean that installing OpenSSL 1.1 could help ?

No, the opposite: it will destroy the setup. The openssl unit does not yet
support openssl 1.1.


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