[Lazarus] Can't install LazSerial 0.2 in Lazarus 2.0 under Raspbian

Joe Special at Joepgen.com
Fri Feb 22 15:34:07 CET 2019


the package can't be compiled. Reason: The file "lazsynaser.pas" in 
lines 252..262 references undefined constants. They should be defined in 
file 'termios.inc'. In other operating systems and/or Lazarus versions 
they are, but not in Lazarus 2.0 under Raspbian Stretch, Nov 2018 edition.

As a quick and very dirty intermediate fix I replaced the constants in 
these lines with literal expressions. This worked, but of course that's 
no tidy solution.

I could not get the mail address of 'JurassicPork', the author of 
LazSerial. Does someone know this address?

Regards --  Joe

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