[Lazarus] Convert record to JSON?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Feb 26 09:34:29 CET 2019

El 21/7/18 a les 18:26, Sven Barth via Lazarus ha escrit:

>> !! :)
> There are definitely still some problems with it, e.g. a field of type 
> TObject (or any descendant) currently can't be deserialized as I didn't 
> want to rewrite DeStreamClassProperty. Then there are the sets which for 
> non-published properties can be greater than 32-bit (up to 256-bit 
> currently). Support for dynamic arrays could be added as well.
> Also I didn't check whether all types serialize/deserialize correctly, 
> e.g. especially the special floating point types Comp and Currency. 
> You'd need to check what Get-/SetFloatProp are doing there.

I tested this unit and I see that it doesn't manage bitpacked records 
inside the record, and the field names are "Field1", "Field2", etc.
(I wanted to test what happens if I add fields to a record then try to 
deserialize into it a previously serialized version, but without real 
field names I suppose that wouldn't work properly).

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