[Lazarus] Run External Console on Linux?

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 15:05:14 CET 2019

Has anyone come up with a decent way to run and debug console applications
using an external terminal program on Linux?

That is, you are writing a ReadLn and WriteLn console application in
Lazarus, and when you run the program you can get an external program like
gnome-terminal to popup. Then gnome-terminal hosts your console application
until either your console application terminates or you close

I really don't like using the built in Lazarus terminal window. ReadLn
doesn't work very well with it. It doesn't popup when you run or terminal
the console application when closed. I'd really like to simulate an
external terminal program like Lazarus does on Windows. (Please don't
respond with why they are different. I understand the reasons)
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