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Eurico JB Silva euricojorge at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 17:31:44 CET 2019


After retiring, I met Lazarus and I really enjoyed this IDE, for several
reasons. However, I realized that objects that access Database of different
types (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.), require an effort to make it work.
So, like the vast majority, I downloaded *ZeosLib* and as a step of magic
everything worked right away.

So I decided to analyze the sources of *ZeosLib* to try to understand why,
and it seems that the objects included in Lazarus require the libraries
with their most precise configuration on the machine where the application
is installed. *ZeosLib* allows the same libraries to be present in the same
application installation folder. So I'd like to suggest that those objects
that are already part of Lazarus may have the same behavior, so you do not
need to download any other object to access the database.

A hug to everyone.


Eurico JB Silva
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