[Lazarus] lazarus Digest, Vol 134, Issue 18

Eurico JB Silva euricojorge at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 21:14:42 CET 2019

> In lazarus you have complete control over where you want the libraries to
> be.
> In code, you can also specify any path you want; It has been so since day
> 1.
> Moreover, if you use the library loader component, you can specify the
> location
> of the libraries exactly with a few clicks.
> Michael.
> --

Michael, I did an installation of Lazarus just over two weeks ago, and
tested all the objects for database access (with the help of the help
and forum on the internet), and I generated an installer for another
machine. On that other machine without a precise configuration of the
DLL could not connect, even putting the object to load DLL.
After strenuous attempts I turned to ZeosLib, which to the surprise
(good) worked on the first attempt. Not satisfied I created a virtual
machine I installed Windows7 and tested using ZeosLib without any
adjustment and it worked on the first try. Even without ZeosLib, it
was necessary to adjust the configuration of the DLL in order to make
it work.
That was my experience, and the reason I wrote to you. It would be
very prudent if anyone participating in the Lazarus development looked
at ZeosLib sources to assess this difference and perhaps allow greater
ease in its use without having to resort to other solutions.
A big hug.

Eurico JB Silva
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