[Lazarus] New XML format for project info files

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 12:29:51 CET 2019

On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 12:58 PM Werner Pamler via lazarus
<lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
> I think we have a big mess now. This option must be ON at least until
> the release of the next version. The way it is now the current release
> version cannot read any project modified by trunk.

That is perfectly OK because there is the option. You can turn it on
with just one mouse click.
Changing the default value in code ON/OFF would pollute the local
config file without any real benefit.
Most people just use the latest release version.
Some others, including myself, use only trunk. If I need to test the
last release version, then I will use the option.
Mattias and you apparently need the option. What is the problem?
No mess IMO.


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