[Lazarus] Universal FontDialog for LCL

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Mon Mar 18 21:20:22 CET 2019

Op 15-03-19 om 20:55 schreef Jesus Reyes A. via lazarus:
> BTW Is not fppkg something like npm?

Yes, but fppkg is used for Pascal-code. With the advantage that is can 
be compiled. So it is easier to spot broken dependencies.

> and BTW although not for MVC but, can fppkg-lazarus integration be 
> removed until it just works? I would like not to see the config lazarus 
> IDE dialog to open on every launch just because fppkg is not setup right 
> (Error: the Fppkg configuration is corrupt. et al), and there is no way 
> the user can fix it (when you are not using 'by default' the default fpc 
> install).

Because 'it works'. At least, on my machine. ;)

The only way to catch all problems in the wild, is to release it into 
the wild. I think it's viable to use trunk for that.

Did you try to fix it? Does the initial-setup dialog show you the option 
to create a new fppkg configuration? Does that work? Is the prefix for 
the fpc-installation filled? Are there any other paths in the drop-down?

And, after you have re-created the config-files, what does 'fppkg 
listsettings' on the terminal show you? And 'fppkg list -d'?



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