[Lazarus] Raspbian FPC 3.3.1 and Lazarus 2.0 Available

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Fri Mar 22 21:20:48 CET 2019

Op 22-03-19 om 15:38 schreef Milan Baša via lazarus:
> Downloaded from Walters page, tryied two times. I bought 16GB and now I 
> am updating Stretch. I will send a message. Thx

I know nothing about Walter's page. But you need a Lazarus version that 
is compiled for exactly your system. (Processor, libraries and such)

Why don't you compile Lazarus yourself? (make build)

I would also check first if fpc works at all. (fpc -h)

You could also try to run Lazarus in the debugger:

gdb ./lazarus


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