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Mon May 6 01:59:10 CEST 2019

Off topic:
You seem to have nailed wire drawing algorithms - do you have a good
resource for that? I have to do something similar.
On topic:
Bravo on the previous project, looking forward to the next one. Was shocked
at how complete and awesome it was. By all means, continue.

On Sun, May 5, 2019 at 3:44 PM Anthony Walter via lazarus <
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> As some of you may have been following, a little more than a week ago I
> asked for community feedback on an a project I was planning. The project
> turned out very well and if you haven't seen yet, or haven't checked out
> the git repository, I've made a few enhancements including fixing a few
> cross platform bugs and enhancing the way the node wires are drawn:
> https://www.getlazarus.org/learn/tutorials/examples/imageshop/
> Now I am starting on a new project in the same vein , and that is to
> design an example program were students I am teaching can get immediate
> feedback on the functions they add to the project. I'd like to submit my
> new project idea to you again in the hopes that you can make some good
> suggestions before I start implementing it.
> Here is my idea:
> I want to design an example project that allows students to write
> functions that generate musical tones. These tones can then be mapped to
> their keyboard where they can play it like a piano. They will also have the
> ability visual the tones through an oscilloscope like graph that I draw. As
> tones are played they can see the graph chance in real time.
> Types of tones that students might create include square wave, saw wave,
> sin wave, and other wave types.
> I am also considering a simplified musical staff where tones can be placed
> on it, drags to be resized or move, and a lasso select can alter the tonal
> properties of their selections.
> Finally I might add the ability to save and load tones to and from musical
> staff so that songs can be created or loaded and played using their tones.
> Does anyone care to provide any feedback on this idea before I implement
> it?
> Thanks again.
> Anthony
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