[Lazarus] OSX 64 bit Cocoa + Catalina Installer

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 17:49:57 CEST 2019

Note to all, the install source I posted comes from a random clone of svn
trunk fpc and trunk lazarus put together from whatever was in the svn
repository on Saturday. As such it might contain any number of
potential bugs. That said, the reason trunk sources should be used is that
the Cocoa widgetset is still in a beta state.

Personally I've implemented some OSX core classes in a manner that is much
more elegant manner that what's currently used in the Cocoa widgetset and
if time permits I may propose some of my changes that could push Cocoa
forward in a positive direction. I feel that many of the problems everyone
might be experiencing is tied to the specific implementation state we
currently have. This is not meant as a dig on the Cocoa LCL widgetset
developers, obviously its difficult and tedious work trying to create a
100% compatible and bug free implementation and you work is very much
appreciated so please keep it up! I know well get it working.

On a side note, if anyone reading this message has done some work on
committing widgetset code to Lazarus, either with the Gtk3 or Cocoa
libraries, and would like to coordinate some of my improvements we can take
this discussion to private emails or perhaps freenode irc and we can hash
out merging my work.
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