[Lazarus] Lazarus IDE text display

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Aug 17 00:14:07 CEST 2020

On 16/08/2020 23:19, Alexey via lazarus wrote:
>   > Ideally "default" for the IDE font would give a sensible monospace font for each platform
> No, “default” is def variable width font.
> But yes, we need new alias for default mono font, eg “def_mono”. And I will use it, and IDE should use it.
> Courier isn’t installed on all OS. Courier New too. For new alias, LCL must detect it... Maybe there isn’t such api in main OSes?

I dont know if this is still used (from unit synedit)
But it does not have cocoa

procedure InitSynDefaultFont;
   if SynDefaultFontName <> '' then exit;
   {$UNDEF SynDefaultFont}
   {$IFDEF LCLgtk}
     SynDefaultFontName   := 
     SynDefaultFontHeight := 14;
     {$DEFINE SynDefaultFont}
   {$IFDEF LCLcarbon}
     SynDefaultFontName   := 'Monaco'; // Note: carbon is case sensitive
     SynDefaultFontHeight := 12;
     {$DEFINE SynDefaultFont}
   // LCLgtk2 and LCLQt use default settings
   {$IFnDEF SynDefaultFont}
     SynDefaultFontName   := 'Courier New';
     SynDefaultFontHeight := -13;
   if Screen.Fonts.IndexOf(SynDefaultFontName) >= 0 then
   if Screen.Fonts.IndexOf('DejaVu Sans Mono') >= 0 then begin
     SynDefaultFontName   := 'DejaVu Sans Mono';
     SynDefaultFontHeight := 13;

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