[Lazarus] Package requirement dialog & OLPM ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sat Dec 12 16:01:59 CET 2020


On my Mac, the "new package requirement" dialog shows the IDEIntf package as an online
package (see attached screenshot req.png). As a result, I can't select it without
'installing' it first, which is of course total nonsense as it is already
installed. The lazarus on my Mac is a 2.0.10, no modifications except it was
recompiled with some extra packages...

I tried with the original 2.0.10 binary, same behaviour.

On Linux, where I use trunk Lazarus and where I have not installed the 
online package manager, I can select the IDEIntf package (see attached reqlinux.png)

But when I uninstall the OLPM on the Mac, I can no longer select the IDEIntf
package at all, despite that it is in the packagefiles.xml file.
(which looks quite the same as the one on my Linux machine)

How can this be, and how can I fix this silly Lazarus behaviour on the Mac ?

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