[Lazarus] Getting sourceline from stacktrace address

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon Dec 21 20:21:18 CET 2020

El 21/12/20 a les 20:12, Pascal Riekenberg via lazarus ha escrit:
> Good evening,
> how can i get the sourceline from a stacktrace address?
> I use heaptrc to find a double free. The problem is that producing the 
> stacktrace on double free
> also runs into the error and only produces the list of addresses. 
> KeepReleased is not an option here
> due to limited memory. 48 GB is not enough ;-(
> Lazarus trunk, fpc trunk, x86_64, fpDebug, Dwarf3, Windows 10 20H2

I don't know with X86_64, but with windows 32 I load the exe in gdb then

info line *0x01234abcd

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