[Lazarus] Open Source IDE Written Using Delphi

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 10:05:37 CET 2020

I thought this bit of information might be of interest and useful to us
Lazarus people.

Apparently Embarcadero has forked the Bloodshed IDE
and rewritten it to run natively using Delphi. Although this is a C++ IDE,
it's lightweight, fast, and free open source software. It may be worth our
effort to examine it and see if it contains any parts that are innovative,
then either fork or be inspired by some of their code to bring about
Lazarus enhancements.

I believe this is totally within the spirit of the open source movement. At
the minimum it would be nice to look at the Pascal source code of another
IDE and determine how someone else has decided to implement existing and
different features, laying the way for using that knowledge to improve upon

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