[Lazarus] lHelp improvements

Andrey Sobol andrey.sobol.nn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 19:44:21 CET 2020

> Querying all registered help databases is easy:
> lcl unit lazhelpintf
> for i:=0 to HelpDatabases.Count-1 do
>    HelpDatabases[i]...
> For example the IDE registers fpdoc help for RTL, FCL and LCL to
> open the lazarus-ccr web pages.
> The chmhelppkg replaces them with its own and opens chm files instead.
> So, if you are only interested in chm files, see the chmhelppkg package.
I know about it. But the main problem is that the Lhelp is another 
application. Need to transfer preference data (search pathes and 
registered database files info) to lHelp. Without this I can`t do 
nothing better. Now the lHelp recieves strict commands to open files.

I want to get a opinion from maintainers how is better to do that?

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