[Lazarus] Projects in a directory hierarchy - what is allowed?

John Landmesser jmlandmesser at gmx.de
Mon Feb 3 11:10:10 CET 2020

Two steps i would try:

A) File/Clean Directory

B) Run/Clean and rebuild

I have a german Lazarus IDE, so the commands perhaps called different!

.. never had these sort of issue, never uesed

Raspbian Buster

good luck


Am 02.02.20 um 23:50 schrieb Bo Berglund via lazarus:
> I have encountered a strange problem that was discovered when I moved
> sources between Windows 10 and Raspbian Buster.
> It appears that my directory structure does not behave like when I
> used Delphi...
> I am using Lazarus 2.0.6 and FPC 3.0.2 in both Windows 10 and Raspbian
> Buster (on an RPi4B with 4GB RAM).
> I am working on a webapp (command line program supplying webpages on
> demand from Apache) as part of a larger system of programs to control
> hardware through the RPi4.
> I have used a directory structure where the main control app resides
> in a top directory with subdirectories for various utilities (like the
> webapp for configuration purposes).
> It was started on Raspbian, but I had problems with the Lazarus IDE
> (it crashes regularly several times a day and then I lose all edits
> since the last save). So I moved over to Windows and got the sources
> via Subversion. On Windows Lazarus never crashes.
> Then I could develop here and use the IDE to check that it builds. I
> could not use the exe file with Apache because I don't have apache on
> Windows, but I could work around it and check the output of the webapp
> anyway using environment variables when I run the executable.
> So far so good, but to do the tests properly through Apache I moved
> back to RPi4 (via SVN) and it worked just fine there too. I could make
> adjustments etc and test via apache that the webapp worked.
> Then I did a new cycle back to Windows and now something has happened
> that is a showstopper.
> If I now open the project in Lazarus and command Compile, build or
> Quick compile an error is triggered telling me that a file not used by
> my project cannot find its Linux-only units in the uses clause....
> Here the show stops!
> It complains that it cannot find some unix-only units inside the
> sourcefile PiGpio.pas, which is used by another project residing one
> level up in the tree from the working dir of the current project.
> I have had to add a path to the parent dir (../) in the project
> options because I need a few common units which define some used
> classes and these units reside one level up.
> But these are only 3 units and definitely NOT the units that use
> PiGpio.pas!!!
> The unit where PiGpio is in the uses clause is a completely separate
> source file for another project.
> Questions:
> 1) Is it not allowed to use source files *above* the current project
> dir?
> 2) If I add a path .. via project properties does this really mean
> that Lazarus will try to compile ALL source files found there even if
> only a couple are part of the current project?
> 3) What can I do to remedy this problem?

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