[Lazarus] svn update can't be compiled

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 17:32:03 CET 2020

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 5:24 PM John Landmesser via lazarus
<lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
> Lazarus 2.1.0 r62571M FPC 3.0.4 x86_64-linux-gtk2
> ...
> screen.inc(438,26) Error: Call by var for arg no. 1 has to match exactly: Got "TScreen.{Dynamic} Array Of TCursor" expected "UnicodeString"

It is reported :
The nasty thing is that the bug in FPC was fixed almost 3.5 years ago
but still not included in any released FPC version.
See the related issue #30306.
FPC project's release policy would need a revamp.


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