[Lazarus] svn update can't be compiled

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Tue Feb 25 15:13:36 CET 2020

On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 1:35 PM John Landmesser via lazarus <
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> Use yay as user instead of pamac and most trouble with pamac are gone :-)
I have used yay _once_ when installing drivers for a Brother printer by
following written instructions.
Anyway, good to know.

> But i have to test this, or do i stay with 3.1.1?
FPC 3.1.1 (trunk) seems to work well. It may have experimental code for a
new language feature or something but if you don't use that feature it
should be OK.
Sometimes there are hiccups, broken revisions, but usually they are fixed
quickly. If you bump into a bug, you can either wait for a fix or revert to
an earlier revision.
It seems FPC trunk is used a lot (because there are no recent releases) and
thus tested a lot, too.

Actually the same applies to development branches of many FOSS projects,
including Lazarus.
Its developers use it for obvious reasons and spot broken revisions quickly.
Many other people seem to use it as well.
It is not recommended for production use but if you can afford few hiccups
occationally, it is very usable.

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