[Lazarus] Unneeded Paint calls from LCL

AlexeyT aaa5500 at ya.ru
Sun Jan 12 11:03:33 CET 2020

ATSynEdit has such debug define
//{$define debug_show_fps}
I enabled it to see why editor shows 20-30ms (Form1.OnShow with editor).

a) editor shows 5 (repaint counter) on show. i put breakpoint in 
TATSynEdit.DoPaintEx and saw that unneeded paints were from DoOnResize() 
before calling Paint(). ok, i added flag FPaintStarted and filtered them.
b) editor still shows 3 (repaint counter) on show. breakpoint shows that 
Paint is called 3 times by LCL. I cannot filter these calls at all. Can 
you reduce these calls?


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