[Lazarus] error

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Jan 21 22:37:01 CET 2020

On 21/01/2020 22:06, larrydalton71 via lazarus wrote:
> Did that, now getting "C:\lazarus\lcl\interfaces\lmessages.pp" not found
> yes, I had upgraded from 1.8.2

Try to re-install:

1) Delete the entire folder C:\Lazarus
2) Install again, and see if it works better.

By default your config is stored under
C:\Users\  USERNAME  \AppData\Local\lazarus
So that will be kept when you delete C:\lazarus.

If you have no important config, then you can choose in the installer to 
clean the existing config. (checkbox)

Otherwise you may want to backup and remove the following files from 
your config:

You may also want to remove environmentoptions.xml from your config dir, 
as it contains compiler settings, and that could cause the problem.
But environmentoptions.xml also has some of your personal settings, if 
you have any.

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